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rafaelp: Brasil, Brasil

Olá para todos. Brasilll Smile

13. 08. 2012

Holland, NIjmegen: party hard

Thanks to the staffmenbers of this organisation. We had a lot of fun with the people of al the  nationalities. also with a Girl from new zealand i'm not sure but i thought the name was hunter. Reply if you remember me, or us


Greatz from Cas, and my friends Joost,Sven,David,Midas from Holland, Nijmegen

02. 08. 2012

alice in wonderland: Rasmus!!!

Hey there, looking for a guy I met on wednesday night (independence day party). His name is Rasmus and hes from Denmark!! he was with his sister and awkward brother ;)

Rasmus if you remember the aussie drunk girl, she is me!!!!! email me at :)

05. 07. 2012


Hi Guys! Maybe you remember me and my two friends from Germany. We visited your Party a few times last week. I would like to thank you for having fun on three nights. The atmosphere was great and it was funny to drink and talk with people from different countries and cultures especially with those from the states:). Continue as i ususal. I hope well will be back as soon as possible.


Best regards

Pay(American Pie)

03. 07. 2012

Fanny_angel: More pictures!


Hey all! First of all I'd like to thank you for three awesome nights, me and my fellow swedish vikings had a reeeeaally good time!

Secondly, I want to see the pics from april 12th!! Plz? ;)


/The most awesome viking ever, Fanny ;*

20. 04. 2012


I had an amazing night! thanks so much team colosseum! I'll definitely be reppin the t-shirt and recommending to friends! Jon/John? from Chile, you're awesome...if you see this send me a message :)

- girl who can't roll her r's

15. 03. 2012

Luciusinf: Sweden

"Team Sweden"  had a really great time in rome alot thanks to you guys! 4 out of 5 nights says it all, we'll pay a visit again in the future! Until then!

//Isaac, christoffer, Marcus, Daniel, Robin, Oscar and Alex!

07. 03. 2012

Kirsty Adams: Great Night

Team South Africa had so much fun, we loved partying with all of you!!

13. 02. 2012

MissK: =)

We had a really great time, went for 2 nights in a row...  I think that says it all..  One of the best parties ever..

Thank you guys, you should be in top of the MUST see list in Rome...

Kristine, Elfa and Liene..

P.s. Will be missing you all.. :)

03. 02. 2012


guys, we had a really great time with you in rome and we'll come back for sure.

31. 01. 2012


That was AMAZING!!!

So unexpected, so great, sooooo international night it was!

Thank you guys!


Greetings from Lithuania!

31. 01. 2012

Ashley3lizabeth1: Dec. 3, 2011!!!

I went on the pub crawl with my friend Lupita on 12/3/11. It was absolutely epic - the 20 euro was SO worth it!! She and I had a blast and it will be one of our favorite memories from Italy! You guys rock...I will definitely be partying with you again if I ever come back to Rome....also, I would just like to say that I'm in love with Vito and would gladly marry him!! Innocent


Thanks again!!! <3

Ashley Franc

13. 01. 2012 Search

hi guys i was with you saturday nIght ( 2 january 2012 ) . i met some girls uruguayan but i don't remember their name . please help me . if i'm not wrong , ones called paulina ! AAH I'M FROM NAPOLI !

11. 01. 2012

milkdud00: Whatz up

Had a blast thanx to sam n the crew on the 25th.  How can you get the pixs off the page.  And do ull have a facebook page i will be back in rome again soon.  I have to do a pub crawl again holla dale

28. 11. 2011

MilleDK: Hey!!

Hello everyone .. We were three girls go on pub crawl on Sept. 2, 2011 .. And many thanks for a really great evening, I do not think I've enjoyed myself so much as that night, although I have lived 6 months in Rome:)We never going to forget Tak and Morten Breum: PMille And Jannie

08. 11. 2011

Debbie_Schroth93: Birthday

THX Guy's ( especially Dan :D ) for the BEEEEEEST Birthday Party and after birthday Party with my girls  EVER it was f***ing great see U all soon!!! <3

XOXO Debbie from Switzerland

07. 11. 2011

velle: awesome

hey guys

we had a really great time we cunt have a better last night in rome

than party whith you guys thanksLaughing

01. 11. 2011


It was great with you!!! See you next time...

27. 10. 2011

Davealreadyregistered: Partypics

Hey dudes!


It was so fuckin' amazing to party with you!!

13. 10. 2011


4th time going with you guys!

Freaking love it!

Awesome staffmembers and lots of fun!

Maybe ill join again in the future :D

10. 10. 2011

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